It’s no mistake that Zucca is one of Miami’s most acclaimed new restaurants… it was by design. Leading the kitchen is a team who not only loves Italian cuisine, but has spent many years living
it in the kitchens of restaurants throughout Italy. Their true passion is creating tastes that excite and engage the senses, through classic techniques and flawless preparation.

The menu at Zucca is a reflection of what one would experience when traveling throughout Italy.

Each region has a specialty that has been faithfully recreated here with authentic ingredients and methods. That means when you’re enjoying a seafood dish with Sardinian influences, Zucca is using olives, tomatoes, and spices native to that region. Similarly, beef and meat dishes take on more Tuscan notes, as that’s where those dishes are most popular. It truly is a celebration of the land, the people, and the culture of Italian food.