Make a Reservation

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By phone

The quickest way to enjoy the delicious delights of Zucca is to make a reservation by phone at (786) 580-3731. We happily accept reservations for any time of day.


Special Events

Planning a party, celebration, corporate event, or other gathering? Zucca offers an extensive array of options for food and beverage. Host your event with us and we’ll handle everything! Email

The Big Room

Zucca Bar

For larger gatherings, your group of up to 70 guests may reserve the entire Zucca Bar area just for your event. Ideal for corporate meetings, bridal showers, baby showers, receptions, family
reunions, and more, our hospitality staff is happy to work with you to customize your occasion and deliver an unforgettable experience

The Small Room

VIP & Private Dining

For intimate gatherings or special occasions you want to limit to just close friends and family, our VIP dining space seats up to 18 guests and allows for special menu selections created just for
your table.

Please contact us in advance to arrange Private Dining options for your visit.

Call (786) 580-3731 to reserve either room for your reception or party.